Love It or List it: Tony Stewart’s $30 Million Columbus, Indiana, Estate Is for Sale

Throughout the 2000s, Tony Stewart cultivated a reputation as one of the most naturally talented drivers in the world. He won three NASCAR titles, an IndyCar title, and a USAC triple crown over the course of his illustrious career, one that continues as the co-owner of both Stewart-Haas Racing and the all-star touring late model series SRX.

With so much of that success coming at the very height of NASCAR’s popularity, he made quite the name for himself. So much of a name, apparently, that he could build a house that checked every box he could possibly want.

That house, a 19,714 square foot estate in Columbus, Indiana, is now for sale. It is even more strange than you expect.

The central living area looks like an upscale outdoor warehouse store. Huge indoor stones, rustic wooden furniture, and a massive central chandelier made out of antlers are the highlights, but the room also features a massive fish tank for good measure.

Another cavernous room features a full bar and a few pieces of memorabilia from Stewart’s racing career. One of those pieces is an entire IndyCar, mounted sideways on a wall over a yard of bricks. Most are helmets, part of a collection of about 300, that has long since outgrown the elegant display cases built for them. Six rows of helmets are simply on display on the ground below the car.

The Zillow ad, which calls the house “the finest property ever offered for sale in the state of Indiana,” says the estate is named Hidden Hollow Ranch. In addition to the massive central house, it also features a 415-acre licensed hunting preserve, a nine-acre lake, a guest house, and a workshop.

All of this comes out to a list price of $30,000,000, or $29,500,000 more than the nearest house on Zillow. If you have a McLaren F1 worth of money to spend on a house and have been wanting to live on acreage an hour outside of Indianapolis your whole life, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.

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