Hyundai Pony Revival Concept Shows Its Secrets On Camera

Celebrating South Korea’s first production vehicle.

Hyundai is on a roll when it comes to its electric program. The South Korean manufacturer has the new Ioniq 5, which is a very attractive-looking electric vehicle with decent characteristics. Hyundai also surprised everyone with the cute Heritage Series Pony, a throwback to the brand’s very first production model.

Currently displayed in the Hyundai Motorstudio located within Korea’s second-largest and seaside city of Busan, the concept has been thoroughly detailed by the Woopa TV channel on YouTube. Unfortunately, the video attached at the top of this article doesn’t have English subtitles, though you can learn a lot by just watching.

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Probably the coolest thing about this concept is that it’s actually based on a first-gen Pony. It has been disassembled, re-engineered with an electric powertrain and many other upgrades, and assembled back together. Hyundai didn’t reveal much about the study from a tech perspective, though it said the car features a digital touch transmission, cradle space for mobile phone, and a voice-activated steering wheel. What exactly all of these technologies mean, at this point we don’t know.

One particularly cool touch is the pair of fender-mounted exterior mirrors, which reportedly use little cameras. The overall shape of the car remains basically unchanged from the original but the LED headlights and taillights give it a modern twist. We haven’t had the chance to take a look inside the boot but Hyundai says there’s “a last-mile mobility device, comprising a stainless steel case.”

Needless to say, Hyundai has no plans to produce the reborn Pony. However, it’s probably not that difficult to find an example from the brand’s first production vehicle for sale. If you do – and if you want to convert it into an EV – the video here might give you some good ideas.


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